Portfolio Management

We offer our clients a choice of three distinct portfolio management approaches – all of which aim to enhance your wealth so you can live life to the fullest.

Private wealth management

The Hees Group has formed a direct, strategic partnership with one of Canada’s top money managers. Jarislowsky Fraser’s conservative, low-risk approach and proven investment performance have attracted $36.1 billion in assets under management from institutions and $8.1 billion in assets under management from private clients. The firm’s core strengths include:

  • 58-year history of fundamental research
  • Team-based decision-making process
  • Tailored portfolio management
  • Tax-efficient portfolios
  • Independent, single-purpose organization

The Hees Group clients with a minimum of $2 million to invest have the opportunity to build a fully customized investment portfolio in collaboration with our team and Donald Herman, an experienced Portfolio Manager at Jarislowsky Fraser.

CC ETF Portfolios

Clients with less than $2 million to invest, or who prefer a different approach, have exclusive-to-Canaccord access to six Complete Canaccord (CC) ETF Portfolios. Designed to provide you with consistent, value-added investment returns through various economic and market conditions, these diversified investment solutions include:

  • CC Capital Appreciation Portfolio
  • CC Growth Portfolio
  • CC Balanced Portfolio
  • CC Conservative Portfolio
  • CC Capital Preservation Portfolio
  • CC Enhanced Income Portfolio

Each offers investors a level of risk management and security selection usually reserved for large institutional investors.

Active Trading Accounts

Beyond these discretionary investment management solutions, we also offer non-discretionary Active Trading Accounts for clients who would prefer to be hands-on with day-to-day decision-making. These portfolios benefit from the expertise and well-informed insights of our team and the award-winning Canaccord Genuity Global Research Team.